Wellness colors from Pantone

According to Pantone in 2016 the two colors shall captivate the world- the Rose Quartz and Serenity. If you like pastels, this is going to be your year.

Last year in the world of fashion, makeup and elegant interiors reigned Marsala, this year pastels return. For the first time Pantone has selected two Colors of the Year and these are pastel pink and blue. I am very pleased that these colors have been chose, as opposed to muddy maroon the powder pink is my favorite one. I hope that soon in stores products in these shades will appear, both clothes and accessories, interiors and decorative cosmetics. For colors it will be my year

Serenity: ethereal, carefree blue


Rose Quartz: eloquent, subtle shade of pink

Warm tone of pink and calm cool blue are symbolize harmony. In our fast-paced world to they are to give us a sense of security, peace and serenity. According to Leatrice Eiseman executive director of the Pantone Color Institute – they are to soothe nerves and restore mental balance.

Apparently, it is enough to look at the sky at sunrise, to see those colors. We’ll see cool blue and warm stained pink clouds through which the first rays of the sun burst.

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Pantone promotes new colors as unisex- for both women and men, although looking at them I can hardly believe they would conquer men’s hearts. Pantone aim for this year is breaking gender stereotypes. In Poland it still is unusual to see men dressed in pastel pink, I am very curious if the new Pantone colors will make it change. Pantone calms down the less brave and recommends to combine Rose Quartz and Serenity with grays, greens, browns and yellows.

Recently I have come across the announcement of a new collection of my favorite Femi Pleasure and for a positive surprise, I saw that the girls follow global trends. I am looking forward to summer. When Rose Quartz and Serenity conquer the fashion world.

femi-pleasure-wiosna-lato-2016-fot-robert-ceranowicz (1)

Femi Pleasure spring-summer 2016, fot. Robert Ceranowicz


Femi Pleasure spring-summer 2016, fot. Robert Ceranowicz

Very pleasant is the combination of these colors in the interiors.





Fot. from  Pinterest.com

I love the pastel make up.


Harper’s Bazaar Greece

I am very curious if Rose Quartz and Serenity repeat or outbid Marsala success from last year. Marsala reigned mainly in makeup, indoors and, of course, on the catwalks. I wonder how it will be with this year’s colors. Ever since I met the idea and method of selection of color by Pantone I have been looking forward to a new year and a new Color of the Year. I will closely watch whether the company Pantone is actually an oracle in the world of colors around us if it is gaining increasing recognition.



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