Weekend in Kashubia

Today we wish to share with you our memories from the weekend we spent with our friends and children in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. The Kashubia.


Kashubia or is a language area in the historic Eastern Pomerania region of northwestern Poland that covers a part of the Tuchola Forest. This picturesque area abounds in magnificent lakes, rivers, valleys, hills, broadleaf and mixed forests rich in various tree species. In the Tuchola Forest there are perfect conditions for active rest. Kayaking trips and bicycle rides reign here. This is exactly the place where you can relax, cut yourselves off from the city noise, breathe in some fresh air, feast your eyes with the nature and “recharge your batteries”.

Kashubia is the land rich in local traditions and customs, known for its unique folklore and language, Kashubian cuisine and hospitable inhabitants.

20160619_103252 (1)

We had been waiting for that trip for a month. There is nothing like the rest in the nature among family and friends. But this time our trip was really a family-one. It is amazing that so many people managed to come. See a photo below- the whole group of us was there….and some were not in the picture. By the way, Yulka, thank you for the time spent on taking pictures! Hope your camper is OK:)


fot. Julia Karczewska

The place we lived was located by a beautiful lake with a sandy beach. Every day we could enjoy a wonderful landscape, sunbathe and have a no-limit chill-out.

IMG_2728 copy

Our children had a wonderful time, too. They played from sunrise to sunset in the fresh air, creating various games. Of course, antics and hugs are things that children love the most.

Roxy enjoyed too ;)


Being at the lake, we took the opportunity and tried the SUP-   stand up paddle boarding. It is a perfect alternative for kayaking and other water sports that need wind. Paddle boarding may be practiced on the lake, river and the sea. It may be fun for both children and adults. It seems quite simple, but you must be careful to keep the balance!


fot. Julia Karczewska


That weekend was really exceptional, owing to the amazing people around us. Thanks to them, we came back full of energy, and beautiful memories.

Bosom friends are treasures…they make our lives more beautiful;)

xoxo Gosia & Marta



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