The king of fruits – Pineapple

Pineapple reminds me of summer vacation, long warm days, joy, fun and positive emotions. This delicious tropical fruit’s qualities you will discover today.

Pineapple rules among fruits. It is tasty, healthy and trendy. It has a characteristic cool look, therefore it makes a decoration of desserts and cocktails. Since the last season it has also been a real hit in the fashion world and even design. Not without a reason, it wears a crown :)



Pineapple is a real vitamin bomb appreciated for its fresh and refreshing taste. This is a rich source of vitamin C, copper, manganese, zinc, iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and folic acid. This tropical fruit not only tastes great on hot days, but it also has beneficial effects on our body. As it contains bromelin – a mixture of enzymes and biotin that boost our metabolism, pineapple supports the process of reducing carbohydrates, thereby helping in weight loss. Fiber, contained in a pineapple is another component that helps in the fight for a beautiful figure.

For health is best to eat fresh pineapples. We could prepare them in the form of cocktails, additives for desserts and salads. Pineapples are also interesting extras to dry food.

See the gallery with sample recipes for pineapple.



We do not only EAT pineapples, but recently also wear, thanks to the Spanish designer Carmen Hijosa and her unusual invention which is Pinatex – material made from pineapple leaf with properties similar to natural leather. If you are close to the eco style in fashion, the pineapple material will be perfect for you. Pinatex is cheap and biodegradable, and most importantly is a byproduct of growing pineapples. It has been noticed and appreciated by the PETA organization, which honored him in the Vegan Fashion Awards plebiscite. The material of the pineapple is increasingly being used by designers who appreciate the eco-friendly style. Lately even a prototype of sports shoes made with pineapple by Puma has been created.

Pineapple prints are also hot holiday trend. Juicy pineapples in various colors and forms can be found on summer dresses, t-shirts, socks, shoes and bags. Fans of pineapples could also buy fruit case for their phone and jewelry with a tropical accent. I love this holiday patterns. They make the world happier.



Pineapple trends are increasingly present in the decorations. I love the tropical posters and illustrations. In the network I have also found interesting pots and ornaments in the form of a pineapple. Such tropical decorations fit both happy colored interior and a more toned and glamour. Form of pineapple is very versatile and gives rise to decorating experiments.

It appears that one pineapple can have so many varieties of interesting applications. Even you can fall in love with :) I do not know if I would have preferred to dress it, hang on a wall or simply eat. It really is a difficult choice, each option is tempting :)

xoxo Marta

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