#The Book of You – Jamie Oliver-little things matter

Do you think a single little action completed each day may positively influence your life?
Check the Book of You, the publication about feelings, moments, shared experiences; enjoying every victory, celebrating balance, showing vulnerability and joy of little things.

“Your life is the sum of all the small actions you take every day. Every choice you make is significant. As little things are important”

 The Book of You was created basing on the application YOU, the society of which describes themselves as ‘the most positive society in the world’, motivated by the manifesto that ‘little things matter’, and have real influence on our lives. The mission of YOU creators is to make the world healthier, and happier just with one micro-action.


This unique, beautifully-edited book consists of 365 micro-actions prepared by neuroscientists and renowned experts in healthy lifestyle, among others Jamie Oliver- the nicest British cook, phenomenon in the world of nutrition and food-related campaigns. He is an expert of the culinary world, author of many cooking programs and books.

” Small changes, done daily, can lead to big results. This book is brilliant”-Jamie Oliver.


It appears that we do not need to change our lifestyle or habits completely to be happier. Authors of the Book want us to remain ourselves. It is enough to complete one micro-action per day (a little one, easy activity that can take us only a few minutes). With little steps we shall make a change that will positively influence our health, physical and mental state. The authors prepared 365 micro-actions: one per each calendar day. These are very well-thought tasks that everyone of us can make every day.


Each of the micro-actions belongs to one of the categories: Love, Mind, Food, Move. Below I have chosen some micro-actions of each category:


Say sb. a compliment-praising someone and being praised increases our good will and improves mood of both sides. Making somebody feel better, you will also feel better and gain more energy. Today pay attention to others’ positive contribution and character, express it and feel the power.”-Caroline


“Leave yourself a message-tonight leave a positive and supportive message. Stick it to the fridge door or put on the kitchen table to see it before you go to sleep. If you have no idea what to write to yourself, leave the message for someone else.”


Eat at the table-at present people are getting easily distracted. How many of you reads when eating? Or chews breakfast while checking emails, or eats lunch in a hurry and dinner by the TV? Eating is one of the simplest pleasures. If your brain is occupied with something different, you are likely to eat too much. So today at the table just eat, and do not let yourself be distracted”.- Jamie.


Explore your neighborhood – Put on your walking shoes and go out to explore your surroundings. Notice something new. Find a place you haven’t visited before. Admire something for a second longer than usual. When you are paying attention to what’s around you and get lost in the moment you may not only experience something new but also end up walking that extra mile.”


This tiny book is created in such a way that each of us may use it on his own way. It is us who decides how we take our micro-actions- according to the order they’re presented in the Book, or randomly, or in any other way.  If any of the micro-actions is not suitable for us, we may choose another and return to the omitted one another time. We may personalize the BOOK of YOU filling in the empty spaces as we wish to. At the top of each page there is a circle where we can ‘tick’ the micro-action we’ve completed, or mark the one we prefer. “Everyone of us is different, so personalize this book. Write in it. Scribble. Carry it around. Leaf through. Omit some micro-creations. Repeat micro-creations. Enjoy alone or with friends or carers.”


The Book of YOU has a brilliant graphical side, too. Vivid, electrifying colors of the cover, pocket size- owing to that we wish to carry it around every day. Almost on every page you can find beautiful, colorful pictures. Each micro-creation is marked with a small graphic symbol, so we immediately know if it comes from the category Love, Mind, Food or Move. An orange ribbon helps us to find a place where we finished our last adventure with The Book of You.


I have looked through all micro-creations and I think each of them is brilliant. You will feel better thanks to them, and you will certainly see how much beauty is around us, how simple it is to eat healthy without tiring diets, how little we need to keep the balance between work and personal life, how easily we may fight everyday stress, improve your  physical state, start to like ourselves and develop. The idea of micro-creations is fantastic. We all know radical changes are very complicated and it is difficult to implement them. Keeping BIG resolutions is very often impossible. But this is the small changes, good habits, simple actions that can help us feel better and improve our life daily.

I am convinced that the BOOK is also suitable for the autumn/winter season. During such time we often get depressed and feel lack of energy…But the micro-actions can go through these difficult seasons with a better mood and health:)

BTW. You MUST check the YOU app. for your Smartphone!


xoxo Gosia






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