#Museum of Ice Cream – fulfilling your childhood dreams

Have you ever dreamt of a bath full of colorful sprinkles? Would you like to walk in the room full of yellow and pink bananas? Are you the ice cream lovers and lovers of everything related them? If yes, you must get to know the ice cream museum that was established in Los Angeles not o long ago and where all of us can feel children again.

Venetian masquerade

For several days we have celebrated carnival- period of winter balls and feasts. This is the time associated for ages with the laughter that chases away sadness and with overpowering joy that gives purification power

Malta with girls ;)

Nine girls with different temperaments and personalities, living in different cities, stole for themselves four days of wonderful holidays in order to travel to Malta. And, although it may seem impossible to leave all the responsibilities, find free time and organize themselves in such a big group, we will show you that each of you can do it.

Magnum Pleasure Store

Each trip is an opportunity for me to explore new unique places. This time during my short trip to Lisbon I came across Magnum Pleasure Store. This is the place where the well-known ice cream take on a different dimension …

Pastel vibes #Mallorca 2016

Mallorca, considered the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean basin, is the largest of the Balearic Islands, called the Spanish "Island of Peace". These breathtaking views of the sea at the north-west, fantastic mountains and cliffs, picturesque villages and town surrounded by olive groves, by citrus trees and vineyards in the central plain and the sandy coast on the south and east... The sea is always warm and the weather is always sunny here... It's impossible not to love this island.

Wake Up day

Last sunny Sunday was marked by the extreme sports. While looking for an interesting event nearby, we got to Malta Wake Park in the city of Poznań. There on that Sunday the first edition of wakeboard workshop took place addressed to girls who wish to master their skills.

FUERTEVENTURA – a Windy Island

There are places we fall in love with from at first sight and we want to go back there. Fuerteventura is an island that captured our hearts. It was a trip that we want to keep in our memory forever. The video, which we would like to share with you today is for us an important memorial, a collection of lovely moments.

Iceland – Elves’ home

According to the legend, the Elves are the ancient people of Iceland who came to the island with the Vikings. These are respected inhabitants of the country who should be treated exceptionally. They live in harmony with the nature and fight against human interference in Icelandic nature.

Weekend in Torun #2

It was a delightful, memorable weekend. I felt as if I had come to Torun for the first time and spent a few lovely days. I enjoyed favourite places, but also discovered the new that I started to like a lot.

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