#Museum of Ice Cream – fulfilling your childhood dreams

Have you ever dreamt of a bath full of colorful sprinkles? Would you like to walk in the room full of yellow and pink bananas? Are you the ice cream lovers and lovers of everything related them? If yes, you must get to know the ice cream museum that was established in Los Angeles not o long ago and where all of us can feel children again.

Magnum Pleasure Store

Each trip is an opportunity for me to explore new unique places. This time during my short trip to Lisbon I came across Magnum Pleasure Store. This is the place where the well-known ice cream take on a different dimension …

Sweet pleasures

In this house, with a picturesque porch, lives our beloved Kinga. Any time we visit her, we are welcome by delicious treats, as cooking is one of Kinga's favorite activities:)

Icy fruity refreshment

On hot sunny days we search for some refreshment. Summer is a wonderful time for preparing home-made fruit desserts. Market stalls tempt us with juicy strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and other seasonal fruit. This time we have decided to prepare some colorful sorbets.