Venetian masquerade

For several days we have celebrated carnival- period of winter balls and feasts. This is the time associated for ages with the laughter that chases away sadness and with overpowering joy that gives purification power

Big Trash Animals

Can garbage and trash be given a new shape? Can we conjure up something nice of the ugly objects and give them a new life? To this questions you will find an answer in the work of the Lisbon artist Bordalo II.

#instalove vol. 1

Instagram is our favorite social media. Here we are looking for inspiration, we discover extraordinary artists and positively twisted people. On Instagram we see how the world is beautiful, and how incredibly creative people are. Today we want to share with you some of our favorite accounts on Insta.

Pastel vibes #Mallorca 2016

Mallorca, considered the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean basin, is the largest of the Balearic Islands, called the Spanish "Island of Peace". These breathtaking views of the sea at the north-west, fantastic mountains and cliffs, picturesque villages and town surrounded by olive groves, by citrus trees and vineyards in the central plain and the sandy coast on the south and east... The sea is always warm and the weather is always sunny here... It's impossible not to love this island.

Art Next to Fashion

Fashion has always been connected with art. The exhibition in CSW (Modern Art Center) in Torun is kind of sketch of this phenomenon. Artists invited to participate in the exhibition are outstanding in their fields. Presented in the CSW jewelry, costumes, pictures, films, photographs prove that ART (is) next to FASHION!

Santorini – a little pearl of Greece

Since a spring came I have been thinking about holiday trips. I remember the old travels and think about the new ones. Today I want to tell you about an unusual place, specifically about the island that many people have taken for the mythical Atlantis – the land of happiness sunken centuries ago.

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