Sweet pleasures

In this house, with a picturesque porch, lives our beloved Kinga. Any time we visit her, we are welcome by delicious treats, as cooking is one of Kinga’s favorite activities:)

Many times have we thought of sharing some of Kinga’s recipes with you. Last Saturday, on Kinga and Anna’s Name Day an opportunity occurred to taste and photograph our favorite dessert. In spite of the fact that there were many chocolate muffins, various home-made cakes and fruity jellies to choose, we chose the little meringues with whipped cream and fruit…They disappeared in an instant, so it seems we are not the only fans of them…




whipped cream

raspberries and blueberries

fresh mint leaves

Howto make meringues:

Ingredients for about 40 pcs.

4 egg whites, pinch of salt, 240 gram of powdered sugar


Whip the cooled egg whites with a whisk until foamy, slowly adding powdered sugar. When the whites are foamy, add a pinch of salt. Whip until the foam is stiff and shiny like satin. Put some parchment paper or Teflon matt on the baking sheet. Use a large pastry bag with the decorative tip to pipe the meringue on the baking sheet. Leave little spaces between the meringues. Bake for 45 to 60 minutes in 140ºC fan assisted.

How to prepare the thick whipped cream: 


cream 36% fat, powdered sugar


Whip the cream using an electric mixer at medium speed as long as the cream becomes thick and stiff. Add 1 spoonful of powdered sugar per each 200 ml of whipping cream.

At the end it is enough to place meringues in the bowl, mix it gently with the whipped cream, ass the fruits and decorate with mint. It is recommended to wait for 15 minutes until the meringues soften a bit.

We really adore this dessert as it is simple to make and truly delicious. Kinga, you know how to make your guests happy!


xoxo Gosia & Marta

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