Street origami by Mademoiselle Maurice

Probably each of you as a child used to play origami, making airplanes from newspapers or birds of paper. This traditional Japanese art a few years ago inspired the French artist Mademoiselle Maurice to create custom street installation. So, it became a unique street origami.

Maurice fell in love with the art of origami living in Japan. She returned to France and moved it to another dimension. Her material is paper, whose colors are the colors of the rainbow. In her works she shows the endless possibilities and use of single pieces of paper. She creates installations on the walls of buildings around the world made of hundreds or even thousands of colorful origami. As she says, she uses the urban space as an open museum.


Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice arts tend to reflect the human interaction with nature. The colors and shapes of origami have symbolic value. The artist chooses the ones that symbolize luck, tolerance and harmony. She says her goal is to break the monotony of life in the city and spread happiness in the world.


I like the way colorful pieces of paper can change the reality around us. I wish in Poland such works could be formed, then our world would be more beautiful. Maurice’s installations captivate me with simplicity, charm and positive message. They are also a great example the street art does not necessarily have to be associated with graffiti.




Mademoiselle Maurice’s art can be seen in Europe, but also in the United States, Vietnam and Hong Kong. See some of them.

Festival ARTAQ, France 2013

For the purpose of the festival of street art ARTAQ in the French city of Angers Maurice, together with the volunteers created installations of almost 30 thousand origami, and they decorated the city, including stairs in front of the cathedral of Saint-Maurice.


Zrzut ekranu 2016-03-08 o 14.10.08

photo Mademoiselle Maurice

White Night Festival, Kosice Slovakia 2013

Zrzut ekranu 2016-03-08 o 14.06.08

photo Mademoiselle Maurice

Le M.U.R Paris 2014

photo Fabien Bouchard

San Francisco 2014

photo Mademoiselle Maurice

Berlin – Pour Google 2015

photo Mademoiselle Maurice

Corsica – Porto Vecchio 2015

photo Mademoiselle Maurice

Fate Festival Italy 2015

photo Mademoiselle Maurice

More projects of the artist you can found at

Street origami is not a sustainable form of street art and just I like its transience.


xoxo Marta

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