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Przemek Blejzyk a.k.a. Sainer is a member of the duo Etam Cru. Along with Mateusz Gabski a.k.a. Bezt since 2008 they have amazed with their murals not only fans of street art, but anyone who has come into contact with their art.

“ANKH” 2016

sainer 1

Post about #ETAM CRU (herewas one of our first. I remember exactly how exited we were about any written text, the selected photo or video. We wanted to prepare that post the best we could. We went to places where we could see Etam murals. We enjoyed a lot see them live, take a look at the details. A close-up impression is amazing. Enormous size and unique style of the Sainer and Bezt’s murals make you wish to look at them forever.  Still, this is one of our most popular posts.

I admire the style of Sainer and Bezt, so I follow their work on the internet. Since February 2015 Etam Cru have created several new murals, but they also painted amazing large-format works solo. Both Sainer and Betz transfer their surreal visions also on the canvas, creating images that never cease to impress me. Recognizable in the world as Etam Cru they are also increasingly known for their individual art work. I could not say I like more Przemek’s paintings or Mateusz’s one as I love styles of both of them, whether they create together or separately. Today I want to show you the artwork of Sainer, and in the close future, I will also prepare a post about Bezt.

“CROSSROADS” Lisbon 2015


Watch a great video showing snippets from the process of creation of one of my favorite Sainer’s murals in Lisbon, Portugal, and a short interview with the artist. A closer look at the details will allow you to see the characters in details as well. Note the ring- a head of Snowman and levitating cap with ears, these are symbols that often appear in the Przemek’s paintings.


Sainer’s paintings were presented in galleries in France, Germany, USA, Belgium, Spain and Italy. I am still waiting when I could go to see an exhibition of Etam Cru in Poland. I hope that soon I will see the images Sainer’s and Bezt’s live. The last exhibition “Galimatias” was held in December in Los Angeles in the US in Thinkspace GalleryOn this link you can also buy the works of artists. I dream about the Sainer’s painting on the wall in my living room. But I have to wait a little longer;) images cost thousands dollars.

Bellow I have chosen Sainer’s paintings wich I love, created in the years 2011-2015

SAINER – Master of Polish street art. The creator of the phenomenal murals that adorn the buildings in cities in Poland, but also Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Portugal, USA, Italy, France, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Canada and Hawaii. A graduate of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Graphics and Painting. A lover of ping-pong, cartoons and hip-hop.



If you have not read our post Masters of Polish Street Art – Etam Cru you must click on this link. You will see murals of Sainer and Betz, they create together and great videos and curiosities;)

You can follow the artwork of Sainer on his side or Instagram @sainer_etam

xoxo Gosia

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