Phoebe from New York

” I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like”-Phoebe

Phoebe is an alter ego of an artist from New York – Libby Schoettle. In interviews I have managed to find, the artists always speaks about Phoebe as about an artist for real living in New York. Applying collage technique Libby Schoettle creates vintage creations for Phoebe showing her in various moods, situations and places. Phoebe is mysterious, seductive, provocative or romantic and dreamy, and sometimes sad or serious. She may be whoever she wants, say what she wants and wear what she wishes. Phoebe is not an ideal at all and sometimes makes fun of her. Schoettle calls herself shy and introvert and thus Phoebe gives her a possibility to experiment, experience something exceptional or do things she would not dare to do by herself. Owing to Phoebe, she may play various roles.


Each collage is created with engagement and devotion. She finds in antique shops and vintage galleries old magazines and pictures or CDs’ covers using parts of them for her creations. Phoebe is to inspire, arouse reflections, she wants to be noticed and be in the center of attention. Collages include words that are quite important as they hide messages. Libby often admits that selection of proper words may take a lot of time.


Since 2014 Libby Schoettle has been a renowned part of the New York street art. The streets of New York are the best gallery for Libby Schoettle. I have discovered Phoebe on sticker. It is amazing the sticker was in London not in New York!!!


“The experiences we don’t talk about, in fact are the universally important ones. Phoebe not only exposes them, but she’s using them to entice a reaction…create a connection. It’s not about being perfect—in fact the one huge lesson Phoebe has taught me, is that imperfection is beautiful. And that there is nothing wrong with failure. Keep going.” – Libby Schoettle


I love Phoebe for her complicated, controversial personality, style and sensitivity, openness and sense of humor. I am always impatiently looking forward to see a new collage of Libby Shoettle and I follow her at Instagram. I am happy I have discovered her and could present you some of her works at our blog.

You can follow Phoebe on Instagram, where you find her as: @phoebenewyork and @isthatphoebe. Allso  please check out Libby Schoettle’s website:

Enjoy your day ;)

xoxo Gosia

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  • happy_sweetsoul

    This street art is amazing! I absolutely love Phoebe! I hope one day I will find those stickers in London😊