#instalove vol. 1

Instagram is our favorite social media. Here we are looking for inspiration, we discover extraordinary artists and positively twisted people. On Instagram we see how the world is beautiful, and how incredibly creative people are. Today we want to share with you some of our favorite accounts on Insta.

@ aww.sam

Meet Sam, an admirer of pop art, donuts and bright colors. On her profile you will find plenty of cheerful color inspirations. Many items and delicacies from the pictures she creates by herself. On her blog you will discover many unusual and surprising ideas. You will see, among others, how to sew a pillow in the shape of a roll, make funny school supplies, ice sharpener, pencil with donut, how to paint your nails in the color of the rainbow, or do the holiday table for cocktails. She always has great ideas, Sam is extremely creative. You can see that every day she looks at the world through the rose-tinted spectacles

Product Designer and Photo Stylist


Do you like smoothies? If yes, this Instagram profile is created for you! Until we discovered smoothie planet we had had no idea that there were so many fancy ways we can prepare cocktails;) Each of them looks hauntingly, enough to get your mouth watering. This profile is the endless source of the best ideas for a great smoothie ;)


Are you flat lay fans? Here you will find a huge gallery of probably the best flatlays in Instagram. Creators of this gallery present photographs of different Instagram users. You can share your photos on the profile @flatlays using the hashtag in your photograph. If the creators of this profile like it, they will place the picture in their gallery. Competition is very large and stakes are set high, but here you will find inspiration to help you create great flatlays.

At the end meet Juniper and  Pumpkin Raccoon, two unusual animals. When they were little they were rescued by the people and now they return their friendship to the rescuers. Followers have loved them so much that they create beautiful graphics especially for them. They are so well known and popular that books and limited editions of clothes with their pictures are created :) Every new post with their participation provides us with a dose of positive energy :)



Lisia miłość

It’s probably the most cheerful fox in the world. Juniper is so likeable pet and constantly smiling, that many people would dream  to have such a fox in the house. But this is not possible, because in most countries it is forbidden. In addition, the owner of Juniper repeats that having the fox is something completely different from having a cat or a dog. This involves many responsibilities and sacrifices. Foxes are very busy and noisy, they do not smell too nice, they need a lot of time to spend outdoor, often destroy things that get in their way and require a special diet. Usually they are attached to one person, so you can forget about holidays. Juniper is unique. She loves playing at home, enjoying the baths and hugging in bed. She is lovely and funny. She makes friends with a dog, a cat and a sugar glider (a new inhabitant of the house). There also is a tarantula, but I do not know if they already like each other :) Look at her, isn’t she a sweet pet?



This cute raccoon as a child was abandoned by her parents after the fall of the tree and breaking legs. A family with two rescued dogs Toffee & Oreo took care of him. Pumpkin has now a new family and she lives in luxury in the Bahamas. The book “The Raccoon Who Thought She Was a Dog” shows that friendship and love can be found in the most unlikely companions. Pumpkin has friends all over the world who publish beautiful graphics with her participation. Instagram shows that she mostly likes to laze in the company of her canine friends.

We have chosen 5 profiles, but we follow much more with pleasure and admiration and often discover new ones. Today’s post is one part of the series “Our top Insta”. In each of the next part we guarantee you a big dose of positive impressions and inspiration. We hope that you enjoyed today’s  5 and they give you a moment of pleasure.

Maybe you also have your favorite profiles on Instagram? We would like to know them from you,  if they attract us,  we will show them in the next part of Our top Insta ;)

xoxo Marta & Gosia

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