The very name makes me think of relaxation, blissful laziness. However Onesies are not reserved to be worn only in our homes. This jumpsuit you can dress for a party, concert or festival. Wearing them you can jump out to the store or go for a walk. It really depends on what model you choose ;)

Do you know this feeling when you come back home after a hard, busy day and the first thing that comes to your mind is to put on your favourite, cosy clothes in which you feel comfortable? I have recently liked tracksuits soft, flexible leggings, loose blouses and sweaters. But since present I got from Monica the Onesie for Christmas I have not swapped my onesies for anything else. They are cosy and warm, very comfortable, made from a nice plush and I turn into a unicorn when wear them ;) And this always makes Nikola happy and amused. Monica gave to all of us fantastic Onesies ;) Nikola is a pink teddy bear, Daniel- Darth Vader and I am a Unicorn ;) We look funny in them;)



Onesie are fantastic- made from soft, pleasant fabric, available in different styles: classic, plain – in all colours of the rainbow, with patterns, dots, or stripes. If you would like to lash out a bit more, you may easily purchase on the Internet a model of a favourite pet, a hero of the movie or characters from famous animation. Is Onesie worn only at home? Absolutely not! You can meet people wearing the jumpsuits at parties, concerts and festivals. Dj‘s look great in elaborate models. I have also met colourful stuffed animals on the slopes.

Several of my friends have onesie in their dressing rooms and I know that they love them. Below my brother Tomek and Dżudi ;)


An interesting fact is that in 1940 Winston Churchill was the first one to have designed a Onesie Churchill’s Onesie, that were not pyjamas known in the seventeenth century. But he wore the suit, called by him the “siren suit, practically everywhere. He wore his Onesie even for meeting with the President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He is an inventor of the Onesie ;)




Kigurumi Onesie (cute animals) is a style that was born in Japan. Japanese artists were the first to perform on the stage wearing plush jumpsuits, creating a trend popular in clubs and on the streets of Tokyo.




Kigurumi Onesie

What do you think about a character from Star Wars at home?




Star Wars Onesie


And how about Batman?


Bat Man Onesie

Onesie is a funny trend adored around the world. Looking for pics to this post I came across the photos of Pharell Williams, Brad Pit, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna and many other famous people dressed in colourful Onesie; even Prime Minister of England, Peter Nick Cregg was photographed in the lovable green Onesie ;) I also joined the group of fans of the iconic jumpsuits ;) They are very comfortable, perfect for cold winter days, and anyone wearing them looks fantastic. The variety of models available on the Internet will enable everyone to find a perfectly matching Onesie. This is a great gift idea, we were so happy when we opened our boxes ;)

Under the photographs there are links to stores where you can buy the Onesie;)

xoxo Gosia 

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