#Mows Doors- tiny street art to surprise and delight people who find them

Tiny doors at the bottom of buildings, covered below the pavement and corners of big cities… This little form of street art is noticed by few who, despite everyday rush, are able to see what can be invisible for many others. Mows Doors – are incredible, due to simplicity and form. We have fallen in love with them at first sight.

Attracted by small doors we had spotted on Instagram by accident, we decided to find out something more about Mows. So we wrote to him. Two days later we received the response and found out something more about the mysterious mouse doors. We had somehow assumed that the works were created by a young woman. We were utterly mistaken! We were surprised to find out that Mows is not at all a woman- he is 55 and has been in street art only for a year!!! Origin of his doors is adorable and proved that it is never too late to start a new path of life. So, let’s start from the beginning…

Chevron Door by @mows510 & @griffinone, Jingletown

Mows is an artist from USA. He got interested in the street art in the 90s, when he encountered a large purple hippopotamus stencil by Mosko & Associates in Paris. For the next decade he photographed street art on his trips around the world. He was especially attracted to attached street art; small 3D objects attached to walls like the work of Cityzen Kane (@cityzenkane), Gregos (@gregosart), Invader (@invaderwashereand Urban Solid (@urbansolid). 

After many years of taking pictures of street art Mows decided to find himself on the other side of the camera. He had a desire to join in and be part o f the conversation. Inspired by the work of Polish artist Above.Love (@above_love_art), he had seen in London in 2015 he started to create his own piece of art. He wanted to do something small and simple that he could decorate in many different ways. He wanted it to be 3D. So he decided on the MOWS DOORS (like mouse doors).

@mows510, Jingletown

He installed his first door in November of 2015. He was 54 years old at the time and had never done any art since childhood. His first doors were made of plaster and cast in latex molds.  Learning as he went he soon transitioned to silicone molds and resin castings. He paints the doors with latex paint and uses industrial grade concrete adhesive to affix the doors to walls and telephone poles. He has installed about 200 doors: 150 doors in the San Francisco area and another 40 this year in his current home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mows’ works are circulating around the world. Another 300 doors were sent to other artists around the world to collaborate with. They were installed in Poland, Germany, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Canada, Japan, Australia, and other countries as well as throughout the United States.  Mows appreciates collaborating with other artists, especially ones he had followed for years.   He gets very excited seeing what other artists can do with his blank doors and their art.

@mows510 & @coloquix, Sheffield

Mows places his works at the bottom of walls so the people could get engage in them and interact with them, rather than as works of art to be seen at a distance but not touched.

“I enjoy seeing people interact with my doors and I often ‘visit’ them to watch people’s reactions. My hope is that people will encounter my doors while going about their daily routine and be surprised and delighted.”

@dangerousman left Mows a welcome gift, Minneapolis

@mows510, Presgrave Place, Melbourne

“My sculptures take the form of small doors with windows and welcome mats. Many of my doors include some degree of realism while others are canvases for communicating ideas, celebrating events, mourning loss, and collaborating with other artists. Some doors are site specific and meant to reflect their surroundings.”

Mows & SOTK Collaboration, Niles, CA, an early silent-movie making capital

“My art gives me the opportunity to add a bit of whimsy to public spaces while at the same time be part of a global conversation with other street artists.”

a colorful door to go with @kobrastreetart  iconic mural, Minneapolis

sweet doors near Mows’s favorite donut shop, Minneapolis

at International Banana Museum, Mortmar, US

at popular mural of Maurice Ravel’s “Gaspard de la Nuit”, Minneapolis

@mows510, Grand Canyon

This must be special feeling to see such tiny doors while walking down the street…the tiny door with a mat and small window…so lovely. We are sure that everyone who sees them, smiles and is surprised, wondering where they came from. Some of them might have tried to open them, too…

We are happy to have encountered Mows’ art, (@mows510), and happy that he found time to contact us and answer our questions. His history is very interesting and inspiring, too. We are going to follow his woks and we hope to find the mouse doors ourselves. We just have to look carefully!!!

xoxo Gosia & Marta

Gigantic Mows Door made by Mows’s friend and inspiration @above_love_art in Poznan, Poland

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  • happy_sweetsoul

    Such an original idea! Very cute form of street art:-) I hope one day I’ll find them, it would be amazing!