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Five yummy films especially for you :)

Cooking has been trendy recently. I have the impression that the food has been discovered again and the whole world has begun to cook :) Like mushrooms pop up cooking shows, culinary blogs, cookbooks and videos on this subject. I myself like to cook something good sometimes or bake and then eat with pleasure. I also like to relax and watch a light and enjoyable film. That is why today all of you who are passionate about good cooking and good positive cinema are recommended 5 films about cooking, I have recently seen that prove to be a pleasant pastime for the eyes and palate. But before you sit down in front of the screen remember to eat something, otherwise the excess of shown delicacies will be make you starving. Just in case, for the time of watching prepare yourselves some healthy snacks.

1. The Hundred-Foot Journey

The Hundred-Foot Journey” will take you to charming parts of France, to one of the best restaurants in the country. Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren) rules there. And the most important people in the country eat there, including the president himself. One day peace of Madame is disturbed by the Hindu family, who comes to France directly from Mumbai and decides to open their own restaurant just in front of hers. See how Indian cuisine and spices heat up the atmosphere in a small French town.

I really like this movie, because it’s about meals created with love. It shows how cooking can bring people closer and soothe the savage breast. Cooking together is not only the pleasure of eating, but also the joy of time spent together and sharing positive emotions.

2. The Lunchbox


The film tells the story of a lonely bitter widower and an unhappily married young woman whose lives intertwine, owing to the mistake of lunchbox delivery. Instead of reaching the woman’s husband and move his unfeeling heart, the lunch lands on a desk of the stranger. This is how story of Saajana and Illi begins. In this film the universal truth is even more true: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In the characters’ life the love appears that adds a little bit of flavor to their daily sad existence. See for yourselves that love is the best spice …and life is like the Indian food- rich in aromas, flavors and colors.

3. Burnt

This is the latest film of cooking, which I have seen. The main character is played by the arrogant Bradley Cooper which is heated up by the idea of the creation of the best restaurants in the world. When he was young he used to be successful as a chef but by his adventurous nature, alcohol and drugs abuse he lost everything- good name, friends and fortune. He comes to London to deal with the demons of the past and create a restaurant that would win what is the most important for many chefs- 3 Stars Michelin. Did he manage? You must watch it.

4. Haute Cuisine (Les Saveurs du Palais)

The film is based on facts- and such I like the most. It tells the true story of celebrated chef living in the Perigord region Hortense Laborie (in fact Daniele Mazet-Delpeuch), which is a personal chef of French president Fransçois Mitterand. We watch her struggle in the kitchen of the Élysée Palace, where she is trying to meet the requirements of nutritionists and advisors of the president and head of the state itself.

It’s a nice movie for a nice Sunday evening. I recommend it to all who love to cook and are looking for culinary inspirations. You will find in this movie a palette of old traditional French flavors. I would love to try these dishes, because they look really tasty.

5. No Reservations


It’s a great comedy about love that is born in the kitchen. Starring: Catherine Zeta-Jones as Kate, a talented perfect chef in an upscale restaurant in Manhattan, and Aaron Eckhart as Nick a singing new chef who appears in the kitchen of Kate and really deranges everything. In addition, life of Kate starts to be complicated by the sudden death of her sister, as a result of which Kate is the legal guardian of her little niece. The film was made on the basis of the European production of “Mostly Martha” which is said to be better than the American version. I have had no occasion to see it, but I would like to watch this version to see if it is really better.

Enjoy watching!


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