Momiji dolls and secret little message

Momiji are hand-painted resin message dolls. When you turn them upside down, inside every one there’s a tiny folded card for your own secret message, wishes, dream or a special note.

My Momiji dolls have been with me for a very long time. Many years ago I got Soul, Silly-Billy and Gigi from my fantastic dear friends Kasia and Ania. These dolls are adorable and I always keep them in sight. They remind me of Kasia and Ania. So, although we meet very rarely as they live in UK, these little figurines make me feel my friends are close to me. In each Momiji doll there is a small card from each girl. I haven’t read them for ages, so I have really forgotten what they wrote therein. A few days ago I read them again and I was deeply moved, as the words were beautiful and written from the bottoms of their hearts.

The pictures below show my 3 Momiji dolls that are the important memento and make me feel happy any time I look at them.






Most Momiji are approx 8cm (3in) tall, like 3 macarons;)


Most Momiji are approx 8cm (3in) tall, like 3 macarons;)

Every Momiji has its name and unique character, so, when choosing a doll we may be guided by their charm and style or the messages they pass.

These amazing pictures below come from persons who are Momiji lovers. Under each picture I have placed the author’s name and link to the website or to a gallery on Instagram. I am really grateful I could place them in my post. Thank you very much, Girls! Your pictures make my post looks beautiful and help me to show how amazing Momiji dolls are ;)


Instagram : @ARZU.DENLI








Instagram : @ARZU.DENLI


Instagram : @ARZU.DENLI


Instagram : @ARZU.DENLI

IMG_9716 , Instagram: @BYWONDERLAND

Momiji is a British independent company established in 2005. At the start it offered only 12 dolls. Today, there are millions of Momiji sitting on shelves, desks and bookcases, hiding handwritten messages, birthday wishes, secret jokes and special words. Momiji company is a team of few positive and exceptional people. Momiji’s owners are open to cooperation with others that is why the dolls are designed by guest designers from all over the world. So there are models by designers from Austria, Malaysia, Australia, Chile, Thailand, Germany, Canada, Slovenia, Singapore and USA. Involvement of various artists makes the Momiji dolls evolve, change and be so unique and varied.

 “Each doll and designer adds something new to the Momiji story. We’re a very happy international jumble of influences, people, ideas and friendships.

One of the best things about life at Momiji is collaborating. We love discovering new designers. –  Momiji cru

IMG_9320 , Instagram: @BYWONDERLAND


Instagram: @YECHIS      

IMG_9714 , Instagram: @BYWONDERLAND


     Instagram: @YECHIS  





bywonderland , Instagram: @BYWONDERLAND


bywonderland, Instagram: @BYWONDERLAND


These little dolls may give you so much joy, and pass so many positive feelings and thoughts. The hidden, tiny folded cards are handwritten, which, in a world of text messages, digital updates and social media give them an old-school character. Owing to that, the dolls are even more adorable and unique. It is fantastic to be able to read the message hidden inside the doll after a long time…

At lovemomiji you may purchase the dolls and at momiji blog you may see interesting posts; the latest one shows how Momiji are made. I also recommend the Instagram Gallery: @MOMIJIHQ, there are wonderful pics taken by Momiji fans.

Anyone wishing to join the group of Momiji-lovers?

send you hugs and wish you a lovely day ;)

xoxo Gosia

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