May Leong – Fairy of 21st century

“I’m a professional daydreamer who adores tiny and cute things. Life, curated (well, I try hehe).” –
– May Leong


May Leong, runs a design studio “May and Baz” in Sydney, Australia. I discovered this charming illustrator  on Instagram (@hellomissmay). Wonderful flatlays photographs, of sophisticated little things and sweet illustration designed by May just charmed me. The way she creates compositions in the pictures, objects, sweet and colourful things she selects make May’s flatlays the real treat for the eyes. From each illustration, photography and project emanate joy and fun. Her style is admired by thousands of people, the proof is 63K followers on Instagram ;)  Every time when there is a new pic. from Miss May I smile to myself and every video on Snapchat (@hellomissmay) is a dose of positive energy. If someone asked me if in our times there are fairies, my answer would be that yes- it is Miss May;)



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I’d love to meet May, but Australia is very far away from Poland ;) so I wrote to May and I asked few questions;)

Your illustrations, photos and posts are so happy: what is your secret? What makes you happy?

I like pretty and colorful things, just in general. Laughing is important, perhaps that made me have happy thoughts xx. My inspiration come from everyday living especially my friends who gaves me cute puns to work from. I love my #instagramhusbands haha! Besides, from nature. Little things like leaves and flowers make me the happiest. And the beaches in Sydney too. They’re ever so pretty.

How would you describe your style? 

Quirky and whimsical.

Your studio is in your home. How do you organise your life and work? What is your typical day like?

My typical day starts with a big cup of tea. And I try to spend some quite time reflecting before the day gets hectic with emails, mailman droping parcels, printing and posting my artwork, styling photo shoots and going out for meetings. I try multi tasking. I love multi tasking so if anyone comes for a visit, I’d be doing many things in my home studio especially a few flatlays. Hehe. I would say organise chaos kind of studio life. Haha!

Cozy Studio May in Surry Hills-Sydney; here; surrounded by favourite things; Miss May works and creates every day;)


pobrane (1)




IMG_1187I took you for a moment only to the world of May Leong, but you must visit the website HelloMissMaythere you will find the May’s blog and an online store; follow May on Instagram @hellomissmay. If you use snapchat  you find May as  hellomissmay.

I wish you all the lovely day!!! ;)

xoxo Gosia



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