LUSH – deliciously scented vegetarian cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics are my “little things” that make me happy every time I use them ;)

Out of the British cosmetics of the Lush brand up to 80% are vegan, and the rest are 100% vegetarian. They are hand made with fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and natural oils, no preservatives or chemical additives. The company does not test on animals and buys products only from producers who are also against violence to animals. The Lush leads campaigns against animal testing and care for the environment. A large part of its products are sell without packaging- ‘naked’, while some can be purchased in the characteristic black little boxes and transparent bottles that are made from recycled materials and are suitable for reuse or recycling. Five empty Lush boxes can be exchanged at their stores for the face mask. I like the idea of a sticker on each box that shows the picture and name of the person who created the product.


Products that I use recently are body and hands conditioner (I would use it non-stop, so I always have ii with me in my hand bag), body scrub, shower gel and soap bar. It is great that all of them: shower gel, scrub and soap can be used for hair, too. I am delighted with the result of these cosmetics. They are well absorbed, the body smells with shea butter, almonds, chocolate, tangerine, and argan oil for a few hours after applying the lotion. My skin is smooth and moisturized. Just after putting the conditioner on my hands the beautiful scent spreads around as if I used the perfume. Face masks are amazing too, they can make miracles, they are the best I have used so far.

My little set;)


Bath Bombs are wonderful, available in all colors of the rainbow are the flagship products of the brand. Each of them has a unique smell and composition. They transform an ordinary bath into a wonderful, relaxing time. A ball thrown into the water, begins to fizz like champagne and color the water in lovely monochromatic color or multi-colored pattern, like a painting, piece of space, it looks fantastic;) Moreover, it smells beautifully, makes the body relax and the mind rested and silenced. After the bath the skin is silky smooth.




Unfortunately, there are no shops of this brand in Poland, so any time I’m in London, I visit the Lush points. Beautiful aromas make it hard for me to get out of the store. I could try creams and lotions forever. It is impossible not to buy even a single cosmetic. The bath products in the shape of balls, rings, stars, tubes and cones, arranged in wooden boxes or loose on the shelves tempt with their colors and scents. Soaps and shampoos in bars seem as if they were sweet delicacies and you literally want to eat them.




Creams, lotions and masks exposed in bowls look like ice cream or pudding, as if they were ready to eat ;)



UNICORN HORN BUBBLE BAR has for a few months been a bestseller of Lush. They are said to be created from sweet dreams. Crumble it under running water and sink deep under a mound of dazzling bubbles and let its delicate blend of neroli, ylang ylang and lavender essential oils take you to a magical place.

I am pleased to recommend you the Lush cosmetics, because I know that for sure you will be pleased with the outcomes, and the use of it will be for you a moment of pleasure every day. You may be sure they shall not affect your skin in any way, because they are natural and made from the finest ingredients.  It is a very ethical company that from the moment of purchase of ingredients, through production of cosmetics, until they reach the customers, ensures that this process is consistent with the principles of respect for other people, animals and the environment.

xoxo Gosia


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