Happy New Year

Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live!

The beginning of a New Year always favors New Year’s resolutions. 365 are ahead of us, like empty book pages to be filled in with words. For many of us this is a perfect time for setting new goals and planning some life changes. We all wish the New Year be better than the Old one. However, very often achieving the set target does not make us happier. And this is, how we want to feel for the whole year. My Dears, in this year ensure you will do as many things as possible that will make you happy. Give yourselves little pleasures. Anything that you like must be done most frequently. As we do, appreciate little things finding them in everyday life, in simple gestures and in the nature, delicious snacks or surrounding gadgets.


Happiness is the state of mind, the choice you make. Take care of it every day. Let your goal for 2017 be happiness. Smile to yourselves and others. Make your friends and family happy. Be now and here and do not depend your happiness on realization of the goals. Thus, the road leading to the destination may also be exciting and giving you much experience and adventure. Take care for your health. Focus on what you really want, not on what you DO NOT want. Celebrate little victories and never give up faith in your power and skills. Do not give up your dreams. Let your own book be filled with colorful pages, full of joy, fun and love!

xoxo Marta & Gosia

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  • happy_sweetsoul

    I love your post, it shows what’s really important in life and little tips how to makes you happy:-)

    • Enjoy The Little Things

      Thank you so much :) Wishing you a Happy and full of love and joy 2017 ;)