Dreamcatcher – the gift of a good power

Today on the blog I’m taking you for a moment to the world of the Indians’ beliefs. Meet unusual amulet that captures what is bad from our environment, and leaves only what is good.

Dreamcatcher, otherwise known as the network of dreams, has recently been more and more popular theme in the interiors and fashion. Probably not everyone knows where it came from and what was its original purpose. This beautiful ethnic decoration comes from the South American Indians, who believed that around us in the air are both good and evil forces. The Native Americans created the amulet that protected them from evil. Dreamcatchers hung at the entrance to their tipi, as well as above the beds and children cradles. According to their beliefs, a spirit of sleep led bad dreams into a trap on the network and at the same time allowed good dreams slip through a special hole, so that they could come true. With the advent of a new day all the nightmares disappeared in the first rays of the sun.



Traditional Native Americans’ dreamcatcher consists of a network woven into a circle made of a resilient wooden rod (e.g. willow). Inside the frame there is a woven net descending spirally toward the center, made of tendons, horsehair, or the strap. The amulet is adorned with feathers, beads and other ornaments to which the Indians formerly attributed certain magical properties. According to them, the beads fulfilled dreams, feathers symbolized the breath or air, the owl feathers brought wisdom to girls and eagle feathers- courage for boys, a piece of larch gave health, fur ensured comfort and warmth, horse hair influenced the strength, turquoise brought in power, rock crystal gave force and claws provided protection.

Currently, dreamcatchers are decorated in many different ways, mainly with the help of hand-painted feathers, colored ribbons, beads and various ornaments. You can buy dreamcatchers or do by yourself. They are easy to make and their creation allows you to express your creativity, and certainly gives a lot of fun. That personally made amulet for sure will have a unique power :) Dreamcatcher can be a great gift for someone you love, but of course it is worth to do one for yourself. I recommend you Pinterest, where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to do the own dreamcatcher.


honest to nod



This season we not only hang dreamcatchers over the bed, but also wear them as interesting jewelry and accessories.

I wish you only good dreams and magical moments.



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