How to like autumn rain?

Many people do not like the fall, because it is gray, windy and rainy. What can we do, we have such a climate :) We can either move to warm countries, or stay in Poland  and complain every year for a few months, or what we would really recommend – start to like this time of the year :)

Art Next to Fashion

Fashion has always been connected with art. The exhibition in CSW (Modern Art Center) in Torun is kind of sketch of this phenomenon. Artists invited to participate in the exhibition are outstanding in their fields. Presented in the CSW jewelry, costumes, pictures, films, photographs prove that ART (is) next to FASHION!


The very name makes me think of relaxation, blissful laziness. However Onesies are not reserved to be worn only in our homes. This jumpsuit you can dress for a party, concert or festival. Wearing them you can jump out to the store or go for a walk. It really depends on what model you choose ;)

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