It’s always tea time – exhibition

At the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń an exhibition took place that was inspired by the Lewis Carroll's book "Alice in Wonderland". The works of 72 artists from 16 countries were presented. The references to the cult novel have been several times made on our blog, and again this time I cannot resist to show you the amazing works I saw and photographed.

Big Trash Animals

Can garbage and trash be given a new shape? Can we conjure up something nice of the ugly objects and give them a new life? To this questions you will find an answer in the work of the Lisbon artist Bordalo II.

Sticker – little form of street art

Stickers are important elements of contemporary street art. These small art forms may affect the well-being of people, communicate ideas and views. They induce to reflect, sometimes are mysterious, subversive or fun and funny. Used by underground artists are often mini-masterpieces.

#Sainer-Etam Cru

Przemek Blejzyk a.k.a. Sainer is a member of the duo Etam Cru. Along with Mateusz Gabski a.k.a. Bezt since 2008 they have amazed with their murals not only fans of street art, but anyone who has come into contact with their art.

Art Next to Fashion

Fashion has always been connected with art. The exhibition in CSW (Modern Art Center) in Torun is kind of sketch of this phenomenon. Artists invited to participate in the exhibition are outstanding in their fields. Presented in the CSW jewelry, costumes, pictures, films, photographs prove that ART (is) next to FASHION!

Street origami by Mademoiselle Maurice

Probably each of you as a child used to play origami, making airplanes from newspapers or birds of paper. This traditional Japanese art a few years ago inspired the French artist Mademoiselle Maurice to create custom street installation. So, it became a unique street origami.

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