Home Sweet Home

In Spring many of us feel the need of internal and external changes. We cannot stop doing the house cleaning. We segregate things in drawers, we get rid of old stuff, we organize wardrobes, reorganize furniture and buy new accessories. In this period we most often start refurbishing our houses. It is the Nature waking up to life that makes us want the New and Change. So, we take the opportunity to invite you to the colorful and happy flat of Ania and MichaƂ that may become an inspiration for your spring changes in your interiors.

Venetian masquerade

For several days we have celebrated carnival- period of winter balls and feasts. This is the time associated for ages with the laughter that chases away sadness and with overpowering joy that gives purification power

Presents wrapped up with love

It is nearly Christmas and soon the magic of this holiday will spread around our homes. We are counting the days and preparing ourselves for the most wonderful time of the year. The time of positive emotions, of calmness and being together. The time when your wishes and dreams come true.

Malta with girls ;)

Nine girls with different temperaments and personalities, living in different cities, stole for themselves four days of wonderful holidays in order to travel to Malta. And, although it may seem impossible to leave all the responsibilities, find free time and organize themselves in such a big group, we will show you that each of you can do it.

Tea time

Temperature outside does not spoil us. In the air one sense the slowly approaching winter, and summer is just a fading memory. Time to pull out warm sweaters, scarves and gloves from the closet. What should we do to avoid cold and sick? We have a tasty way. Nothing will warm us and add strength, even on the coldest day, so much as the delicious healthy tea.

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