Ana Strumpf – tiny patterns, funny symbols, surrealistic illustrations

Meet the funny and joyful illustrations of Ana Strumpf. Her most famous project is Re.Cover- covers of fashion magazines, such as Vanity Fair, I-D, Vogue and Another re-created in a surrealistic mode. It is a feast of colors, patterns and petite pictures;)


Ana Strumpf is a Brazilian illustrator and designer. She also designs original furniture and interior decorations. She covers the wallpapers and fabric with her colorful tiny patterns.  In the Brazilian edition of Vogue magazine she writes a regular column about design. Her joyful, romantic style, mixture of colors and patterns have for a long time generated my interest and sympathy. I mostly like her tiny drawings that re-create iconic images from the front covers of fashion magazines. That is why today I focus on this particular form of the artist’s creation.

The film below presents the ideally positive and merry world of Ana Strumpf.



Project Re.Cover Ana Strumpf began in 2012. She started to re-create covers of cult fashion magazines.  Colorful drawings and patterns made by hand with markers, tiny lines, capricious makeup made on top-model faces turn beautiful women into surrealistic figures.  Colors and simplicity of lines remind us of childhood pictures and funny face-painting attraction. At first sight one might think that these are just childish scribble on top of fashion magazines.  However, the simple, crazy pictures: dots, stains, stripes, flowers, zigzags, funny symbols and figures in neon colors, combined with the pictures of world famous characters form the stunning compositions.











I strongly recommend you to visit the artist’s profile at you may see unique interiors, furniture and decorations designed by the artist. 

I wish you all the colorful day!!! ;)

xoxo Gosia

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