3 books that put you in a good mood

I want to recommend you 3 books which, although different in content, they have one thing in common- each of them is positive and definitely will put you in a good mood ;)


Every Thursday, while Nikola is on art classes, I have one and a half hours I have time only for myself. Classes are in the old town in Torun, so this time I’m going to my favorite cafes. I order a cup of coffee or delicious tea, and almost always a sweet treat. I use this time to prepare posts for blog or I read books. Both in “Cukiernia” and “Moose Cafe” there is always friendly, professional service and delicious desserts and cakes. It is always a good time. Books that I have chosen for you I have read quite recently and considered worth recommending.

“Big Magic. Creative Living Beyond Fear” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert has gained immense popularity thanks to bestseller “Eat Pray Love.” I read it in one breath, and since then I have looked forward to each new book. “Big Magic”  is filled with sincerity, sense of humor and warmth given by the author. I have read it with pleasure. Gilbert tells various anecdotes from her life, shares her thoughts and views in such a way that you feel like talking with a friend. She tells us about her dilemmas, mistakes or difficulties she sometimes faces whilst writing. She encourages patience and perseverance in following dreams and vocation. Moreover, she urges us to take inspiration from everyday life and arouse curiosity that drives creativity. She helps to get rid of fear of criticism, because, according to her it does not matter what we want to create, the main thing is to be authentic and enjoy the process. Creativity is for her the Big Magic. She thinks inspiration is a separate being that comes to us. However, if you do not notice it, or are too lazy to follow, it will go to someone else.  The author has own opinion on passion, as well: “I myself am a person that is passionate about many things, but it is not every day! Sometimes I have no idea passion of mine has gone. I do not always want to act, and sometimes I do not know what to do next”. This book adds confidence, motivates to action, to trying different things in life, to search for what makes us happy and, if we find it, to show patience, commitment and perseverance on the way to success. Elizabeth Gilbert argues that you do not have to be a genius, or born gifted, to create and live creatively.


“Alice in Tumblr-Land” – Tim Manley

The tiny book written by Tim Manley, is hilarious, I often laughed out loud while reading it. It is a collection of jokes, short stories with probably all known fairy tale characters- Alice from Wonderland, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and many others. They live in the present time, use social media and have problems specific for contemporary generation. “The Ugly Duckling still feels gross compared to everyone else, but now she’s got Instagram, and there’s this one filter that makes her look awesome.” Tim Manley also illustrated the book, each page with a picture in sepia, in a classic style, reminding me of the images from old books. It is a great funny book, satirical at the same time, seemingly light and entertaining, but the funny fairy tales hide deeper Manley’s thoughts about the modern world.



“Walt Disney – An American Original”- Bob Thomas

“Walt Disney. An American Original” is the best position of the 3 that I recommend. I have read it with great excitement and curiosity, fascinated by the personality of Disney. It presents one of the greatest dreamers and visionaries of the last century, who fulfilled his dreams, realized visions that for many seemed impossible to realize. Bob Thomas wrote a biography of Disney on request of the Disney family, owing to which the author had access to the family archives. The book is rich in original drawings, notes, part of letters and photographs. This is a story of a boy from a small town which, thanks to a strong will, determination and huge imagination created the largest entertainment company in the world. It was a great pleasure for me to read how Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Donald Duck and other favorite cartoon characters were created. I learned how he made the world most famous cartoons. I have read with admiration a part on the implementation of one of the largest vision of Walt Disney, the “Disneyland” in Florida. Walt Disney was not only a film producer, director, writer, animator but also a great entrepreneur, a philanthropist, who masterfully ruled the huge empire that until today is “The Walt Disney Company.” It is an inspiring story about how important the dreams are in life and the determination to make them come true. This biography enables us to meet the man whose work for several generations, has made children and adults around the world happy.

At present I am look out for anotherbook Icouldread. I will be grateful if you recommend me your favorites. If you read any of the above books, I am curious about your opinions.

xoxo Gosia

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