Easter little things

Have you already started to prepare for Easter? We have for a week been in a festive mood. Looking at stores’ decorations and ornaments, preparing compositions for today’s post put us in nice Easter mood. Little bunnies, eggs, muffins, chocolates, garden cress and beautiful flowers are small things that give a lot of joy and […]

Weekend in Torun #1

Called the city of Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun is a city of art and culture all year round vibrant by rhythm of numerous events- festivals, exhibitions, concerts and artistic events. Here the past intertwines with the present and the science with culture. It is the second, after Cracow, the largest and most original medieval architectural complex that is, why the motto of the city is the "Gothic touch“. Torun is my beloved city, so I want to take you to my favorite places, to show you how beautiful and unusual this city is.

Street origami by Mademoiselle Maurice

Probably each of you as a child used to play origami, making airplanes from newspapers or birds of paper. This traditional Japanese art a few years ago inspired the French artist Mademoiselle Maurice to create custom street installation. So, it became a unique street origami.

In love with cacti

Meet the original cacti world created by girls from Kaktus Warsaw Store. This is author florist created in Warsaw Żoliborz Prochownia led by Marianna Zjawińska and Joanna Krajczewska. Each of the cactus is unique and one of a kind.